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Call Volunteer Services today. We’ll help you decide which service fits you best, and give you all the training you need.

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Adult Day Services at Oakland Centre Volunteers

The Extraordinary Role of Volunteers

Comforters … confidants … helpers. The roles are varied, the investment rewarding. Because they have committed their time to helping Adult Day Services' guests enjoy their days, our volunteers are nothing less than extraordinary. They are essential to the work we do at Adult Day Services at Oakland Centre.

Adult Day Services volunteers help make each day special for our guests, whether they are:

  • greeting guests as they arrive
  • helping with meals and activities
  • sharing one-on-one conversations
  • gardening
  • doing laundry
  • stocking the pantry
  • helping with office work

One Shared Passion: A Willingness to Give

People from all walks of life volunteer with Adult Day Services at Oakland Centre. They come to us with one shared passion: a willingness to give of themselves.

At Adult Day Services at Oakland Centre, you are matched to assignments that fit your unique skills, interests and schedule. Before and during volunteering, you will receive extensive training from our professional staff. We're here to help your volunteering experience be one you will treasure.

For further information, call or email the volunteer coordinator at (269) 345-0273.

For further information, call the volunteer coordinator at (269) 345-0273 or email volunteer.mail@hospiceswmi.org

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